Westport Mass

Town of Westport MA.


Westport Point, located at the southern most tip of Main Road where it meets the river and Westport Harbor. The harbor is also referred to as Acoaxet which means “black swan”.

According to Westport Historical Society the Point area was settled and developed into farms in the early 1700’s. Family names like Gifford and Macomber were some of the first to settle there. 

Main road came about once the Harbor Area was built, it most probably was a Native American trail prior to the road. Wharves, maritime activities and the ferry built in 1712 operated through to the 18th century.

During the Revolution, small private boats used the Harbor as their base of operations.This protection was due in part by the complicated network of channels and dunes which kept the British from landing troops in the area.

Today this picture-rest harbor is bustling with sail and powerboats along with a few commercial fisherman. The area is a popular spot for summer rentals.



Client Work, Video

J.J. Best Banc

What they do…

J. J. Best Banc. is a collector car finance company and have been in business for several decades. The scope of their financing is pretty large, it includes antique, classic, exotic, hot rods, kit cars, muscle cars and sports cars. They finance collector cars throughout the United States. This is a specialty business and they know it well. If your interested in a collector car and need some financing do check them out. BestBanc

Where and when is the commercial used…

J. J. Best Banc. places advertisements during classic car auctions which are hosted all over the United States. They buy their media based on where and when these car auctions run. They buy on national broadcast tv, channels that cater to this kind of demographic. Someone watching these auctions may not actually be there physically but may have a car in mind that they want to purchase, thereby leading to a call to J.J.Banc.

What we were hired to do…

J.J.Banc asked for creative that demonstrates that they are a bank, and that the payment was the primary directive. There are a lot of moving parts in this 30 second spot, to be honest, to me it’s right on the edge of having too much information. The owners and managers wanted to show payments and include names and photos of the cars that relate to the payment. Overall the spot conveys that J.J. Best will give you a decision on financing of your classic car within 5 minutes.

charles w morgan mystic whaling ship

Charles W. Morgan

Morgan Facts:

On her first voyage her crew was made up mostly from residents of Martha’s Vineyard and it was a long three years, three months and 27 days at sea.  First in the Azores and then around Cape Horn to the Pacific.

The Morgan would complete 37 voyages , it’s first with complete with a 35 man crew it would kill and “try out” 59 whales. On board the blubber was turned into oil, used for lamps, this oil would be housed in 32-gallon casks.

She would return home to New Bedford with an amazing 2,963 casks of whale oil, which was just about total capacity of the ship. The Lucky Mogan as her name was called, this reputation came from surviving many storms and an attack by Pacific islanders.

According to historians at Mystic she was profitable as well, her lowest fetch was $8,977.50 and her highest was $165,407.35, which back then was a very profitable catch.

Her brief and final voyage began Sept.9, 1920 and ended on May 29, 1921.The ship would spend the next three years at a pier in New Bedford Harbor, it was thought she would be scrapped.

On June 30,1924, the Morgan would be hit by a drifting steamer called the Stankaty, what was worse the Stankaty was ablaze. The Fairhaven fire department sayed the Morgan but it was seriously damaged.

Edward H.R. Green heir to one of the world’s biggest fortunes, a credit to his mothers conservative nature, Hetty Green, the “witch of Wall Street” as she was so UN-affectionately called.  Green would form and organization in 1925 that would repair and preserve the Morgan and that they did. In 1939, the Morgan Fund Committee was formed with intention of moving the Morgan from Round Hill in South Dartmouth back to New Bedford. But with the oncoming war and depression the Morgans fate was about to change. The trustee’s of the Whaling Enshrined would agree to send the Morgan to Mystic and the Mystic Historical Association, which is now called the Mystic Seaport now home to the Morgan.

Norseman Scalloper New Bedford ma Nordic Fisheries

Norseman Scalloper Nordic Fisheries


Norseman Scalloper Nordic Fisheries

This 90 foot scalloper was added to the Nordic Fisheries Fleet late summer in 2013. This vessel was designed by Gilbert Associates of Hingham, MA and built at Junior Duckworth Duckworth Steel Boats Inc. of Tarpon Springs FL.

It measures at 95’x28’x14 and is powered by a 3508 Caterpillar electronic diesel engine developing about 1,000 hp @ 1600 rpm.

The partners at Nordic Fisheries are moving toward modernization adding this vessel and the Reliance to their fleet.

Client Work, Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography


Beach Photography-

Or outdoor photography is lot of fun… for me and for my clients. It’s actually a great way to bring people together. Almost like an event and many families treat it that way. After all some family members travel a great distance to be photographed together with their parents and siblings.

I’ve been photographing families on the south coast for some years now and its always a blast to get a group together.

Many of my clients summer on the coast and I enjoy it so much when the stop by or call to say hi!

Please feel free to inquire about pricing and scheduling I’d be happy to reply.


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Fort Phoneix Fairhaven MA, mark medeiros photography

Fort Phoenix, Fairhaven

Round Hill Radome, South Dartmouth, MA

Round Hill Radome

It was an angry November day, mother nature darken the skies with a heavy blanket of clouds, very curious considering what was about to happen. On this day the 19th, of November 2007,  in south Dartmouth Massachusetts an historical event was about to unfold.

On the count down to imploding time, about 11:32 AM, an assembly of anxious onlookers gathered on the beach, in fields, parking lots and in boats they were there to witness this maritime landmarks demise. A local historical event that would be known to these few on-lookers that, no longer would you sail across the bay using this massive Radome as your navigational aid. From that November day onward you would have to rely on your compass or navigation chart to show you the way. Peering the landscape looking for some sort of marker would reveal little now, the Radome is gone. Another name you might be familiar with is the Colonel Green’s Radar.

I suppose it was much like an execution, sentenced to death by explosion, or should I say imploding as I was told by the locals. The funny thing is, the technical term for imploding is: the collapse or cause to collapse violently inward. As you can see from the photos that I captured this was more like an explosion than a imploding.

History is captured by the lens, landmarks such as this can only be appreciated by the photos your lucky enough to enjoy. The Round Hill Radome is one of these treasures, and this is your chance to own one of the these master pieces. Captured frame by frame as she went crashing down with one loud UN-approving Boom!


Dartmouth 350th Apponagansett Park Dartmouth, MA


Home in Marion Ma

Marion Home

This lovely home is located on Buzzards Bay, in Marion Mass.

Black Bass Dartmouth Ma, Mark Medeiros
Client Work, Photography

Black Bass Dartmouth Mass

I like food photography assignments… although at times they can be nerve racking. Black Bass Dartmouth Mass was different, for the most part It all depends on the Chef and the staff as to how well organized they are. The trick is to shoot the food while its hot- to me it seems to bring out the color and of course the steam radiating from the food helps. You don’t always see it in the shot but overall I like to shoot right out of the kitchen.

I shoot food with all kinds of lighting systems, I have a portable Hensel lighting kit/strobes that are high output. And I also have a large kit by Arri, hot lights, and various florescent kits. If I’m shooting near windows I prefer to shoot with 5000K florescent lights. If I’m shooting inside of an elegant restaurant with candle light then I’m inclined to use 300 watt Arri tungsten at about 3K kelvin.

In all cases I use a tripod and camera remote with my Nikon D3’s. And while I do use toothpicks, hand-towels microwaved wet for steam ( at times ) I don’t get into the motor oil, glue, shoe polish and all that stuff. I try to keep things as natural as possible.

I photographed this session at the Black Bass Restaurant in Padanaram Village in South Dartmouth, MA. The staff was great- and so was the food, or so I hear. Actually it looked so good I went back on the weekend!