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Video Production Service was utilized for Tamer Industries’ website and online marketing.  Mark is a brand-certified strategist his knowledge helped build a wonderful explainer video for Tamer Industries. Mark, branded their website as well.

Tamer manufacture sound Video Production Serviceenclosures, these units are built to soundproof manufacturing presses, screw machines, cutters, diesel engines, and just about any machinery that makes a lot of noise.


video production service

How we plan. Before I walk into the factory floor I formulate a marketing plan with the CEO and marketing people of the company. At that meeting, I learn what the call to action is and what product or service to focus on. At Tamer industries, it was important for them to show that they are the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). So in the filming, I showed the process of workers grinding, stamping, and shaping the metal that these enclosures are made of. In the movie, I also included the engineering department and their cad design equipment.


Once I find out the floor layout from the foreman and learn of the restricted areas or any other sensitive area to tread lightly in I then plan the filming. I avoid needless contact with the supervisors or plant manager as I prepare my equipment and move around filming. I keep a safe distance from the workers so as not to distract them from their tasks.


I touch down once more with the CEO and marketing staff just to confirm what the hot buttons are in reference to the marketing plan and what they would like the commercial to portray. In the case of this movie, Tamer Industries has had very strong results and the movie is very heavily played on their site. And the CEO has confirmed that many orders have been placed because of it.

Many companies that I photograph and shoot videos for using the footage for both broadcast commercials and their websites. As you can see from this spot, Fabulous Foundations, good imagery makes a difference.


The Milhench video above is pretty much your typical brand video that speaks about the companies history and values. This one uses customer testimonials which goes a long way to add credibility to your company website. I think it makes a big difference in terms of conversions (people who click to buy, call, or fill out a form). It separates you from your competition.

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