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Designing Brand Logo’s

By themselves, a logo should give you an idea of what the company does, but of course, there are exceptions to this rule… think Apple? Mark is a Graphic Designer and he’s also a certified Brand Stratgist. In the graphic design above you might think, “hopefully” that this has something to do with a design or photographer’s site. Adding text gives it action and ties everything into play. A good graphic design will make the design work.

graphic designer

Working the logo and the tagline

A brand slogan plays off the image, as much as the image plays off the slogan.

Cleanly sophisticated imagery & design… When you see the image you might think to yourself- yes this makes sense, it’s a nice clean image and somewhat sophisticated.

“Reward your Brightness” Is a motivator, a call to action if you will, to hire the person to work for you. Meaning that you like his work and you think he can do something like this for you! Make a great graphic design. That would be me!!!

  • Pricing on graphic design is priced by the job, my rate is $75.00 dollars per hour.

Re-Branding Brand Assets

Brand design can mature and change over time. A good example of that is the graphic design below when Slocum Studio started out about 8 years ago the started with the concept (below) left side. Then about 3 years back we designed a new look off of the old design. Colors play as much a role as the overall design elements. Good graphic design brings out all the elements.

graphic designer

With time comes familiarity, as with the Slocum swan, when a business card is placed on a table with just the swan showing people may recognize it right off the bat. Even if they don’t, they generally like what they see. A clean contemporary graphic design.

Logo’s are not created equal

When designing a brand for a company there are many factors that need to be considered. What are your products or services, demographics, area, and market? Do you want your logo to emphasize these elements, one of them, or more? You can read more detail on my blog 5 Logo Design Tips.

Lees Wine & Spirits is located in a coastal town in Massachusetts. Right next door to their store is a very large grocery specialty food store. Lee’s makes a special effort paring its wines to foods. The area is also known for fishing and striped bass. You can see how the logo is set up on their website.

The 50Plus Web Marketing is a, you guessed it a marketing company. It’s a pretty clean easy to read logo that wouldn’t need a ton of text alongside to explain what it is.

How much should I pay for a logo design?

At first blush, I usually respond to that question- as much as you can afford. Remember logos are generally for the life of your business. And they are so important for overall brand imagery. So be careful here to do it right. Try it yourself, think of what you’re doing for a product, or service and come up with a design for it. If you did then you are one of few. I recommend taking your thoughts to a professional graphic designer and getting them to give you a quote.

While on the subject I would be happy to do that for you- of course!!

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