A Place called Loafing Rocks

I’ve never been to Southport before, it’s an island town in Lincoln County Maine. The 2010 census pegged the population to about 606 full time residents. Seems like a low number, even in late September there was a good amount of people buzzing around the small center village of Southport.

When I put a camera into my hands everything slows down, I’m not there just to snap a picture and run, or show it to someone… I become part of the environment. It’s a time of mixing colors, seeing the light and blending in, so much beauty can be seen when your silent.

Jane and I are on the board of our local City Art Museum, she along with her husband Bob own the Cottage in Southport, which they call “loafing rocks”. This is where I stayed recently for a weekend. The coastline offers some of the finest pine and stone ledge landscapes I’ve ever seen, mixed with some wild flowers and blue ocean the colors are magnificent. Truly a magical place and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to stay there.

Photographing while traveling with family and friends is tough, your always trying to “fit in” a shot or two. So for me I like getting up early (not really), at sunrise, I don’t see a bunch of smiling faces in front of me eager to for breakfast or site seeing. Same for evenings… shooting on a star lit night is fantastic.

I’m not sure if it’s the norm for this time of the year, late September but was I surely surprised at just how cold the evenings were, and I wasn’t prepared to say the least. We arrived at this coastal cottage located high up on a rocky ledge in the late evening, the sounds of waves crashing could be heard from my car as we prepared to carry our supplies in. The first night I set up on the deck for some twilight shooting, and it was fabulous, cold but fabulous and literally NO noise pollution like you get in the big cities.

So get up there and explore, be sure to drop by Maria Boord  Gallery & Studio in Boothbay Harbor. if your into coastal area painting she has a fantastic collection… you won’t be disappointed, she’s a fantastic artist, tell her you learned about her here.






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