Headshot Photo what to wear


Thank you for booking your headshot with me! Tips on Preparing For Your photo session.

  • Men should have had a recent haircut and have shaven within a few hours of the shoot. Women tend to want and shoot right after having their hair done, which is fine if you can arrange it.
  • Long sleeves are the best choice for adults, I do not recommend short-sleeved shirts. If this is a business photograph then I encourage you to wear a dark-colored blazer.
  • Women should wear long skirts, pants, or dark stockings with shorter skirts or dresses. This helps lessen the distraction and keep the viewer’s attention on the face.
  • If feet are to be shown in the photograph, be sure your socks and shoes are in good order, as well as polished.
  • Stay away from collars that are two spread out, or very wide V Necks. The same for heavy or bulky sweaters that hug your neckline.
  • Don’t wear bright colors, such as red and orange, they don’t mix well and degrade the portrait.
  • Another tip, don’t wear bold stripes, plaids, checks, or prints they do not photograph well.
  • One other tip, bare shoulders or tops such as “spaghetti straps” don’t work well in photographs. Unless the theme requires it.

You can call the studio at 508-441-3131 or email me at [email protected] should you have any questions.

You can park in the rear parking lot, enter via the center door and walk up two floors.  You will see signage that points to mark medeiros photography/Slocum studio. We are at the end of the hallway- can’t miss it.

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