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Clothing For Individuals

The idea behind creating a great portrait is in directing the viewer to the eye level or the face of the person being photographed. From there the viewer is free to scan other areas.
I usually recommend, that you wear long-sleeved garments in medium to dark tones of brown, burgundy, green, or blue are good choices when photographed against a medium or dark background.

setup for A Successful Portrait

Our goal is to create a unique portrait, which after all is what you want. Our tools include various styles, techniques, and settings that make each portrait a unique artwork.

Photographing for a memorable portrait takes planning, and the clothing you choose is can make a big difference. Here are some guidelines that will help you to make clothing decisions. Done correctly this will enhance the style of your artwork.

Preparing For Your Portrait

  • Turtle necks or V-necks are OK. Stay away from very wide or particularly deep V-neck garments or bulky cowl-neck sweaters, as they tend to hide the neck line.
  • Long sleeves are what I recommend for teens and adults, stay away from short sleeve shirts.
  • Women being photographed in full length should wear long skirts, pants, or dark stockings stay away from short skirts.
  • If feet are to show in the portrait, assure that shoes and stockings are in keeping with the visual intent of the portrait.
  • Men should get a hair cut the week of the photo session. For women I recommend that they get photographed whenever they can arrange an appointment with their hairdresser.

Dark clothing is slimming, it often is a good choice for full-length or three-quarter-length portraits especially with a darker backgrounds.

Stay away from bold stripes, plaids, checks, and prints as they do not photograph well.

Another no-no is bright colors, such as yellow red, etc that overwhelm the face and ruin a portrait.

Bare shoulders or tops with “spaghetti straps” often make the subject look heavier and take the eye away from the face.

Decorating with Portraits

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Giving life to your personal artwork begins with a planning appointment, during which you and the photographer or design consultant can explore your ideas and discuss creative possibilities.

When the finished work is on display in your home or office, it will serve as both a tasteful reflection of your individualized decorating style and a tribute to the ones you love.

As the examples above illustrate, a well-designed portrait, when it is properly sized, creates a decorative focal point that can add both drama and personality to any room in your home.


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