J.J. Best Banc

What they do…

J. J. Best Banc. is a collector car finance company and have been in business for several decades. The scope of their financing is pretty large, it includes antique, classic, exotic, hot rods, kit cars, muscle cars and sports cars. They finance collector cars throughout the United States. This is a specialty business and they know it well. If your interested in a collector car and need some financing do check them out. BestBanc

Where and when is the commercial used…

J. J. Best Banc. places advertisements during classic car auctions which are hosted all over the United States. They buy their media based on where and when these car auctions run. They buy on national broadcast tv, channels that cater to this kind of demographic. Someone watching these auctions may not actually be there physically but may have a car in mind that they want to purchase, thereby leading to a call to J.J.Banc.

What we were hired to do…

J.J.Banc asked for creative that demonstrates that they are a bank, and that the payment was the primary directive. There are a lot of moving parts in this 30 second spot, to be honest, to me it’s right on the edge of having too much information. The owners and managers wanted to show payments and include names and photos of the cars that relate to the payment. Overall the spot conveys that J.J. Best will give you a decision on financing of your classic car within 5 minutes.

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