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As a web designer I find that the most compelling websites that keep the viewer engaged are the ones with great imagery, this makes for the best web design. Food sites for one require the highest grade of photography. For sure, all sites will benefit if the imagery is outstanding and the overall web design will be that much better.

I’ve worked with web designers for years creating websites that start with great photos. As a matter of fact many designers (myself included) insist on working with photos first and creating a great web design around them.

My parent company SLOCUM STUDIO has been in the creative web marketing business for about seven years. And we’ve created many websites over the years and are very good at web design. We also market website themes online via our Theme site called SLOCUM THEMES. There you can purchase a theme and do it yourself, or you can have them customize one for you.

No matter, if your budging for a full custom website (designed from scratch) which Slocum Studio can do, or a customized theme we have the know how and customer service to make your web design a wonderful experience.

If your in a 50 mile radius from my studio and want great imagery for your next site please drop me a note, I’d be glad to work with you and provide a quote. Same applies if your interested in a website, it won’t matter on the distance- just send me and email or fill out a contact form!!

Custom or Theme which Website is the best?

This all depends on what your needs are, and your budget. The advantage of a custom website are as follows:

  1. Designed specifically for your needs, all the website elements (buttons, graphics, forms, images etc) are placed exactly where you want them.
  2. More precisely tuned to your brand, your businesses DNA, encompassing your current logo and your businesses colors and graphics. It’s like building a custom musical instrument.
  3. Better User Experience, as elements can be placed exactly where they fit and make sense.
  4. Better overall visuals, especially working with imagery, as the web designer can customize graphics to compliment your images. Everything “fits” with custom work.
  5. It’s unique to your company, no one else will have a site like it.

The advantages of a theme site (slight customization). Just for mention, I say slight customization of a theme for this reason. Very few people, including myself find a website theme that “totally” works for them. There is always something that they wished were done differently. That could come down to something as simple as a button out of place, or the need of text or a button to be placed on top of an image etc.

The web theme advantage.

  1. The number one biggie, is price!
  2. The second reason I see people go this way is time, their much faster to build out.
  3. For the price of custom, you could have a few URL’s (website names) built. Which is good if you need to split up products or services.
  4. Themes overall are getting better, as far as design goes. Not an advantage in terms of development, or code integrity.

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