Headshot mark medeiros photographerWhat I do: Photography is my passion and my full-time job. Much of the time I’m shooting Professional Headshots in my studio.  Or in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island area photographing commercial, industrial and medical photography.

In addition to being a professional photographer, I’m a graphic artist and I work with WordPress websites.

How do I do this: Connected to my photo studio is our WordPress Publishing company and Web Development shop Slocum Studio. We make custom sites and develop themes which we sell online and on WordPress.com. See it here: Slocum Studio  Our themes have had thousands of downloads,  this theme is built on one of our newest platforms called Baton Pro.

Internet Marketing: I’ve helped hundreds of business succeed online and can help you with your pain points.

After 30 year career in the automobile business, in which I’ve purchased, sold and operated several automobile franchises, the latter being a GM franchise of which I was principle dealer in a family business, I’m again starting things.

This combination of business allows me to draw on a wide knowledge base of how businesses market both online and by traditional means. And I also draw from hundreds of businesses that I’ve consulted with over the last several years. Now I’m heavily involved with WordPress and Internet Marketing including custom and theme Websites.

In addition to the above, I’m very active in the art community, I’m a board member at a Community and Art Museum and an active Rotary member.

I love interacting with business people who are pioneers and who enjoy starting things and tweaking their businesses. Being a professional photographer and graphic designer allows me to bring to the table a visual sense along with the business acumen to help businesses get noticed in a very cluttered and noisy ad ridden environment.

My Studio Number is: 508-441-3131

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