Business Head shots

Business Head shots

Business Headshots have become a very popular request as of late. And I’m finding that although everyone has a cell phone capable of taking some pretty awesome photos, more and more clients are opting for professional shots.

Why professional photographs over selfies?

I’ve been digging into this, asking my clients why come to a professional when you could just as easily take a selfie? The answers make sense.

  • Better overall lighting with a pro.
  • The fact that your arm isn’t stretched (taking a selfie),  the image is a little more natural looking.
  • The overall expression is much better with a  professional.
  • Going to a pro usually means you pay more attention to grooming and dress.
  • The cropping and sizing is much better when done by a pro.
  • The background are generally much more appealing for business.
  • A pro knows the files and sizes required to upload.
  • The overall image looks much more professional.

What clothing is best for Business Headshots?

If your a professional, than you should dress like one. The best colors are medium to dark tones. I prefer blacks and blues, but other dark colors work well. I also recommend solid color shirts and blouses. Stay away from flashy jewelry. More can be learned from reading my photo shoot preparation page.

How to prepare for your photo session.

I’ll cliff note this section and point you to the same page link as above.

Men need to be cleanly shaved and hair should be groomed. Preferably an hour or so before the shoot. Women as a norm like to have their photo taken soon after having their hair done.

Again if your a professional be sure to dress as one. Women should wear long skirts, pants, or dark stockings with shorter skirts or dresses.

Avoid bright colors, such as reds and orange, they usually don’t work well when mixed with other colors. If you must you should inform the photographer before hand.

Headshots are not full bodied portraits.

As the name implies business headshots, are just that headshots. Usually from the chest up. Studio portraits are usually situational photographs showing a professional in his or her work environment. In most cases they show much more of one’s body, in some cases from head to toe. It really depends what the client is looking for.

You get what you pay for.

Isn’t this true? You’ve heard it before about first impressions. Same applies when someone looks up your LinkedIn profile. If they see a professional image of you then they will feel you took the time to look your best, you take your work seriously. And that’s exactly what you want them to think.  So take your best shot!

For information contact me, and thank you for reading my post!

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Business Headshots

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Designing a brand 3 steps

Most people who write me already have a name in mind for their company, product or service… so their first question usually starts off with can you design a logo, website and business card for me ?

I should caution you to think very carefully about the name you intend to use, in designing a brand 3 steps I explain to use a name that it “fits” with your overall brand plan.

Designing a brand 3 steps

Use your imagination, intelligence and knowledge when building your brand.

Developing a brand idea can take some time- it’s a process that shouldn’t be rushed, in fact it’s the process which is as important as the development of your brand.

In her book Designing Brand Identity- by Alina Wheeler,  Ann starts off by noting that ideals are essential to a responsible creative process regardless of the size of a company or the nature of a business. These ideals hold true whether creating a new product or service, re positioning a brand, working on a merger, or creating retail presence.

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South Coast Travel Guide New Bedford Mass

South Coast Travel Guide

South Coast Travel Guide New Bedford Mass The 2015 -16 South Coast Travel Guide is schedule for distribution on the first week of June. I’m reminded of the amount of work required in getting the guide to print every year.

Where the South Coast Travel Guide is distributed

We supply the guide to small business on the South Coast from Fall River east to Wareham Mass. Businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, local small business, at local events, town halls and so on. There is no cost to the public for the 80 page guide.

What Makes it a challenge to produce

Not only relating to the photography, of which this year I shot most of it, including the cover. The work is in the all the details and content… especially the events and town sections. They require constant update and editing.

This South Coast Travel Guide publication is good for one year, so once the content is in edited and printed, it’s done, no changes until next publication! So as you might have guessed, it’s a little stressful hitting the deadline. No in fact it’s really stressful hitting the deadlines because there is a certain few people we are always waiting on for copy. Or should I say harassing for copy.

I should also mention that in order to make this publication possible it requires advertisers, and someone who’s job it is to sell advertisements to these people. Have you ever sold print, cold calling, business to business?

Then there’s the printing, shipping and 5 months of delivering to the nearly 275 locations.

What is the reward?

It’s a marathon, what makes it worth it though is all the calls, emails and such from people who really enjoy the travel guide as a resource.