Designing a brand 3 steps

Most people who write me already have a name in mind for their company, product or service… so their first question usually starts off with can you design a logo, website and business card for me ?

I should caution you to think very carefully about the name you intend to use, in designing a brand 3 steps I explain to use a name that it “fits” with your overall brand plan.

Designing a brand 3 steps

Use your imagination, intelligence and knowledge when building your brand.

Developing a brand idea can take some time- it’s a process that shouldn’t be rushed, in fact it’s the process which is as important as the development of your brand.

In her book Designing Brand Identity- by Alina Wheeler,  Ann starts off by noting that ideals are essential to a responsible creative process regardless of the size of a company or the nature of a business. These ideals hold true whether creating a new product or service, re positioning a brand, working on a merger, or creating retail presence.

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