professional headshot photography

individual studio sessions

Professional Portrait



Budget Package: Use for your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profile. $250.00

one outfit, we shoot on a white or grey background

  • 10 to 15 cropped, color and computerized enhanced images to choose from.
  • up to a one-half hour of shooting time
  • Full rights of usage, for web and print, no watermark.
  • You will receive web resolution files, free downloads on all images.
  • Printing rights to all images.
  • One lightly retouched photograph for the web. More extensive retouching add $35.00 per photograph.
  • Schedule from 9 to 6 pm Saturday shoot add $50.00

*Due to our schedule please call ahead to check on open times when booking this package.

Professional Portraits



Business package: Social media, business cards, and website.


All of the above- plus.

  • choice of 2 outfit photographs, you choose a background color from our collection.
  • 20 to 30 cropped color and digitally enhance images.
  • Includes HEADSHOTS, and 3/4 length shots.
  • Up to two lightly retouched photographs. More extensive retouching add $35.00 per photograph.
  • Schedule from 9 to 6 pm Saturday 9 to Noon.


Group business package:  For up to seven people $500.00

We photograph at New Car Sales Departments, Real Estate Offices, Legal or Accounting Firms, and Manufacturing Companies.

  • Up to 7 people in the group.
  • Includes one lightly re-touched image for both web and print.
  • One light setup, in your environment. Second setup if requested, $200 additional.
  • $175 for Individual Headshots includes one lightly retouched digital image.
  • Add $75 if more than 15 miles from our studio.
  • Additional hours at $125.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Professional Photoshop Retouching – $35 ea in High Resolution and internet Resolution digital files, edited and professionally retouched in Photoshop.
  • Major Retouching – Major body re-shaping, color changes, braces, scar removal, or large prints, done to your specification. $50 hour.
  • Shoot in your location – In your home or office, add $125. (applies to individual photo sessions, daytime hours)
  • After 6 pm – Evening hours or Saturday add $50 in the studio.

Corporate – Commercial – Industrial  Photography

You can imagine there are many variables when it comes to Corporate Photography. Companies may want their facilities photographed along with their staff and or products. As a rule, we charge $750 for a 1/2 day rate within 25 miles of our studio and $1,500 for full-day rates.

Humphrey Covil & Coleman, Mark Medeiros Photography

Art directors, we can usually shoot up to 2 staged light settings in a 1/2 day schedule. More than that will require more time. Additional hours for lighting setups are priced at $150 each.

Photo retouching is in addition to the above pricing structure. This is priced by the job since every job has unique requirements. 

For more information please go to our corporate photography page.

Real Estate Photography Pricing

  • Single Property (1 hour, natural lighting with image output to the website) $350.00
  • Multi-Property, (4 hours, lighting as needed, with image output to the website) $750.00
  • Full-Day Real Estate Shoot $1,250.00


  • Up to 4 photos $350.00 in studio- white background.
  • 5 or more product photos $65.00 per photograph.
  • 10 or more product photos $55.00 per photograph
  • 20 or more product photos* $45.00 per photograph (*max of 50).
  • What’s included: Products are photographed in a white Soft Box, if large on a white background. Hi-resolution digital files are supplied, online gallery, photo work is licensed for unlimited use.
  • 1 hour light setup fee ($125.00) added to the above pricing.
  • Full day product photography in the studio is priced at $1,500.00
  • An online gallery is included in the packages above. Professional Re-touching of images is priced between $50.00 and $75.00 per image. Images are licensed for your use and there are no restrictions.

Additional Charges:

Variable Size Group Product Photography: Photographing more than one product in a setting requires time, extra setup and editing, we will quote this based on the information provided. Jewelry especially wristwatches and some other items require a much more sophisticated photography approach. We will quote this based on the information you provide.

An additional fee will apply when using backgrounds other than white photo tents.


On location, food photography is priced at 125.00 per hour. Travel time additional billing. If you own a local restaurant and your plates/settings are prepared when my lighting is setup we can shoot 4 or 5 plates within an hour. Base rates for food photography start at $450. This includes the setup fee,  travel time (up 10 miles from my studio) and one hour shooting time. 1/2 day rates are priced at $750.

Food PhotographyIf you require photography with models interacting with food, then a number of factors need to be discussed prior to us quoting the project. Shoot concept, number of food plates, location, and scope of the project. Some restaurants like to use advertising agency art directors and or food stylists prior to hiring the photographer. Knowing this makes a big difference in how we quote a food photography job.

As an example, I like to walk through the restaurant and establish the best spot for lighting… whether its natural window lighting or facility lighting. I like to have a clear vision of how this will work in combination with lighting that we bring on location. Then I like to discuss the menu and work out what the hero shots will be and what medium they will be used in.

Art directors and marketing agents usually have this all worked out and planned. For a little more in-depth information you should check out our food page. There you will find some imagery and some additional information.


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