Round Hill Radome

It was an angry November day, mother nature darken the skies with a heavy blanket of clouds, very curious considering what was about to happen. On this day the 19th, of November 2007,  in south Dartmouth Massachusetts an historical event was about to unfold.

On the count down to imploding time, about 11:32 AM, an assembly of anxious onlookers gathered on the beach, in fields, parking lots and in boats they were there to witness this maritime landmarks demise. A local historical event that would be known to these few on-lookers that, no longer would you sail across the bay using this massive Radome as your navigational aid. From that November day onward you would have to rely on your compass or navigation chart to show you the way. Peering the landscape looking for some sort of marker would reveal little now, the Radome is gone. Another name you might be familiar with is the Colonel Green’s Radar.

I suppose it was much like an execution, sentenced to death by explosion, or should I say imploding as I was told by the locals. The funny thing is, the technical term for imploding is: the collapse or cause to collapse violently inward. As you can see from the photos that I captured this was more like an explosion than a imploding.

History is captured by the lens, landmarks such as this can only be appreciated by the photos your lucky enough to enjoy. The Round Hill Radome is one of these treasures, and this is your chance to own one of the these master pieces. Captured frame by frame as she went crashing down with one loud UN-approving Boom!



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