New Bedford

New Years Eve in New Bedford. This photo was taken from the sky deck, top floor of the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Client Work, Video

Americas Cosmetic Surgery Center

Americas Cosmetic Surgery Centers are located in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They specialize in Laser Lipo, Body sculpting, as well as cosmetic surgery. ACSC procedures are all administered by Board Certified Cosmetic surgeons.

Filming medical operations is a very sensitive process and we do our best to get the shots while keeping clear of the medical staff.

We filmed the Doctor at his Boston location.

Client Work, Video

Fabulous Foundations

My Company Slocum Studio manages the web marketing for Fabulous Foundations. I was asked to create a commercial and web video for them.

Fabulous Foundations specializes in women’s undergarments, their primary goal is to provide expert fittings. They have recently moved to a high traffic town center in Dartmouth Ma.

This commercial is a blend of both graphics and physical location shots.

Client Work, Video

Acorn International

What they do…

Acorn International is a environmental and social risk management firm. They consult global industries and investors by partnering directing and building capacity of local experts to promote local content and work-class quality assurance. They offer a wide range of services including Capacity Building and Training to companies, governments and civil society. Acorn has locations in Boston and Texas.

Where is the media used…

The primary place this media is used is on the Acorn website. The purpose is for a brand video.

Client Work, Video

Tamer Industries

My firm Slocum Studio manages Tamer Industries website and online marketing. As part of those efforts I was asked to create a video showing the companies operation. Tamer manufactures sound enclosures, these units are built to sound proof manufacturing presses, screw machines, cutters, diesel engines and just about any machinery that makes a lot of noise.

How I plan

Before I even hit the factory floor I formulate a marketing plan with the CEO and marketing people of the company. At that meeting I learn what the call to actions are and what product or service to focus on. At Tamer industries it was important for them to show that they are the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). So in the filming I showed the process of workers grinding, stamping and shaping the metal that these enclosures are made of. In the movie I also included the engineering department and their cad design equipment.

How I shoot

Once I find out the floor layout from the foreman and learn of the restricted areas or any other sensitive area to tread lightly in I then plan the filming. I avoid needless contact with the supervisors or plant manager as I prepare my equipment and move around filming. I keep at a safe distance from the workers so as not to distract them from their tasks.

Post Production

I touch down once more with the CEO and marketing staff just to confirm what the hot buttons are in reference to the marketing plan and what they would like the commercial to portray. In the case of this movie Tamer Industries has had very strong results and the movie is very heavily played on their site. And the CEO has confirmed that many orders have been placed because of it.

Client Work, Video

Ricardo Corporation

Ricardo Corporation specializes in Landscape Products, including hard scape products like Pave Stone, BrickStop and Belgard. They also have a selection of Pavilions on hand for your perusal.

As for the Fall Months they keep busy delivering wood pellets, they have their own fleet of trucks so delivery is no problem.

My Company Slocum Studio manages their website and internet marketing. I was asked to shoot a commercial for them, which is used for broadcast and the web.