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Necessary Assets

James Ring is the Author of Necessary Assets. My company Slocum Studio built  his website

His book is about al-Qaeda and the threat of a terrorism attack on the US. Jim is a retired FBI agent living in Boston, MA.

Jim hired me to do a web video for his site. This was shot in my studio in Dartmouth Mass.

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Goat Cottage Farm

This was fun… shooting food at Goat Cottage Farm, out in Westport MA. First was the ride, I drove a 1/2 mile down a dirt road to a remolded farm house. What a fabulous setting and the views of open fields must be stunning in the spring an summer.

Their bakery specializes in gluten-free classic sweets and savories using alternative grains. The bakery is located in Westport’s historical farms – uses only certified gluten-free ingredients as well as their own farm fresh eggs. If your looking for the best gluten free baked goods you have to check these guys out. Goat Cottage Farm email them at: or call: 508-636-2916

Client Work, Video

Milhench Supply Company

Milhench Supply Company is located in the New Bedford Industrial Park. their the leading distributors of janitorial washroom supplies, paper and packaging. The company was started in 1932 and is in the third generation of ownership. They have their own fleet of trucks and offer fast delivery to Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Heike Milhench President on Milhench Supply Company is featured in this movie. We filmed her at her headquarters.




Whale Boat

This whaleboat is not a replica it’s real. Late in her career she served as larboard boar on the schooner John R. Manta of New Bedford in 1025. Though this was the last American whaling voyage ever completed in sail, hand =-whaling methods and whaleboat usage had remained virtually unchanged for generations.

This whaleboat hands on the schooner’s larboard quarter. The gear aboard a whaleboat is made up of. Two “irons,” or harpoons, rest over the bow on the “clumsy cleat,” a think pine thwart that has a rounded notch cut on the after side, into which the boatsteere braces himself by one leg against the motions of the boat.

Five men row this boat. The whaleboat carries two tubs of line, oars, paddles, hatchet, shoulder gun, bomb-lances, spade, drug, water keg, and many other things, in all 48 articles and a least 82 pieces.



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Shanghai China

Top Image-

This was a village that I shot near Hangzhou China.

IBA Overseas Task Force Trip- Visiting the cities of Nanjing and Shanghai.

The theme of this trip was titled “Peace through Commerce” I traveled with UMass Dartmouth and was asked to photograph this experience for the College. A good amount of our stay will be in Nanjing, where I have filmed the Nanjing Hi-Tech National Industrial Development Zone. The Hi-Tech zone was established jointly by Jiangsu Provincial Government and Nanjing Municipal Government. It was one of the first in the state and the first  in Jiangsu that has been nominated as state-level hugh-tech zone by the state council.

There are more than 1700 Enterprises that have registered in this zone,in which 320 are foreign invested, this has important economic significance to Nanjing and makes it a front runner in the advanced Hi-Tech Zones of China. Now the zone occupies a land mass of 17.5KM2. Surrounding the Park are 13 Colleges including Nanjing University, Southeast University, Nanjing University of information Engineering, Nanjing University of Information Engineering, Nanjing University  of Technology and Nanjing Software Institute to name a few.

It was quite an experience photographing in China, I get the feeling while some people are comfortable with foreigners taking photos not all are, and some are, especially Government employees still sensitive to having their photos taken. I was chased across the street on a few occasions both by officials and shop owners for having the photos taken.

I felt like a stray dog taking a walk in the park next to my hotel… while people were polite they didn’t look at me directly when I walked by- perhaps it was my camera, and the thought I might try to film them.